As the Cleapet family, we appreciate the effort we make for our pet friends. We are proud to be crowned with the awards we receive in return. We support nature & human & animal ecosystem by producing vegan products.

Capacity Report

Production Facility Status

Total Closed Area: 500 m²

Building Construction Type: Reinforced Concrete

Capital Assets Status

Machinery and Equipment Cost: 18,599

Annual Production Capacity

Anti Bacterial Roll Towel: 641.520 pcs

Concentrated Solution 44.550 Kg


Since the towel wrapping unit has a production capacity of 150 Anti-Bacterial Roll Towels per minute, it produces 300 days a year, 8 hours a day, with 99% efficiency;

K= 50,000x26x12

21.384.000 pieces/year antibacterial roll towels are produced.

Since each packaged antibacterial roll towel is 30 gr.

21384000×30/1000=641520 KG/year antibacterial roll towels are produced.

Since 1000 150 g bottles and 150 g bottles are filled per day with the solution bottle filling machine, 300 days a year production is achieved with 99% efficiency.


297.000 units/year of antibacterial solutions are produced.

Since each bottle of solution is 150 Gr, 297000×150/1000=44550 KG/year Anti Bacterial Solution

Annual Consumption Capacity

Roll Towel 106.920 Kg

Anti Bacterial Solution: 579 Kg

Wrapping Paper 21,384 Kg

Water: 578,571 Lt

Pet Bottle: 297,000 Pieces



The active ingredient of Cleapetin is colloidal nano silver ions.
Silver has been the savior element of every era thanks to its natural antiseptic properties. In history, the Persians and later the Greeks and Romans discovered the antibacterial properties of silver and used it in health studies.


Scientifically Working

Thanks to special formulas developed for pets and NANO SILVER IONs, the main active ingredient in the content, Cleapet acts as a manager that inactivates enzymes for respiration and passage of single-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses, and harms living personal tissues or tissues. It destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.

In addition, when nano silver, which is the cornerstone of the house, is absorbed by the residual cell wall of the organism, it binds to the DNA of the pathogen and thus prevents its replication.

Gram positive charged Ag+ silver ions destroy only gram negative charged bacteria and viruses. It does not touch beneficial bacteria and viruses. Thanks to its natural observation, it protects the beneficial flora and bacterial structure. It has been published and accepted in scientific articles and medical journals that nano silver ions that pass into the blood are filtered out of radiation within 6 hours.